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Why trust Patrice?

Understand the life-long love affair with understanding the core value of what we do and why. The business of branding and imagery.

Building your brand.

What does it mean when we say “You only have one chance to make a 1st impression”? Patrice breaks down how to leave the perfect impact. 

Branding is emotion.

Whether you know it or not, agree or not, everything you do tells the world something about you. How you feel about yourself, your situation, and the people you interact with. Control your thoughts and improve your image. 

Brading creates trust.

From emotional impact to trusted associate. The decision to do business happens the same way the decision to be interested happens on a date. We DO judge based on appearance, make sure your appearance sends the right message. 

Stop making excuses.

As much as we may not “like” the idea, we ARE being judged. By our friends, family, clients, business associates and everyone else that lays eyes on us. Create the visuals and carry yourself the way you want to be recognized, not what is “easiest” for you.

Image Impact Series

Interviews, lectures, lessons and more.