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Mind Your Impact

By Patrice Bisiot

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Chapter 1

Through New Eyes 

I was eleven when I discovered the butterfly effect.
Make a tiny change a tiny detail and someone’s world is upended.

Chapter 2


From my toes all the way up to my hair roots… to this day, I struggle to make sense of what I felt. my universe, all I had ever known, had suddenly been pulled out from under me. I was achieving my dream! I was creating my dream life! I was fulfilled!

Chapter 3

What I Learned From a Makeover Gone Wrong

Hair is so tied up with people’s emotions, I decided not to argue facts with her. M was unhappy in her own skin.
Yesterday’s change was a temporary patch. When she faced her life again in the morning, her new look just did not fit her mindset.

Chapter 4

The Fashion Language

“You are talking to the press! You are here to apologize! Wearing that shirt and that outfit, believe me, the media will crucify you!” He peered at me from over his dark glasses. “You look like you are going to beat up someone,” I said. I told him he needed to look “sympathetic and approachable.” I actually reached out and took his glasses off him. that is when I saw the fear in his eyes.

Chapter 5

Comfort Zones

“I need your help,” D said. “I need help deciding what to wear.” knowing d as I did, I realized this was a big leap of faith for her. her timing was perfect. I had just taken my own leap of faith. I added the proverbial “slash” to my professional description—I was now known as a “hairstylist/style and image coach.”

I will tell you now, I did find a fix for every one of d’s body-language “shortcomings”—and it had nothing to do with magic.

Chapter 6

When Is a Shoe Not a Shoe? 

“There’s a language of appearances,” I told S. “And if you want to be trusted and taken seriously, or even heard,
you cannot rely on just words. You have to be visually literate. You can try to convince yourself appearances don’t matter, but it’s a lie. If you fall for it, you’re finished.”
S gave me a confused look, he had no idea what I was talking about. I tried again. “Appearances,” I said, “speak directly to our intuition. Our intuition sees things our thinking brains don’t notice. Change a typeface, or the color of a logo, or the shape of a frame around a graphic, and it changes how people respond to your webpage.

Chapter 7

Hair Does the Talking

Then the world changed. Before it did, when the screen was still an un-scalable mountain and the people on it were gods and goddesses, I remember the fluttering in my stomach, the white noise in my head, and the feeling I was walking on sacred ground as I entered the lobby of the historic Beverly Wilshire (where they filmed Pretty Woman) early one Oscar day morning.

Chapter 8

The Worst of Me is the Best of Me? 

Beauty IS ALL About Attitude.
Actors often say their roles don’t become real for them until they wear their characters’ clothes. the same applies here. unless your new role can be played in your birthday suit, you have some work to do.

Chapter 9

All about you

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